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Forgotten Jayhawks

This is a listing of those important players who are not to be found on the list of 1000 point scorers published in each Media Guide. It's really at the heart of all my research: I wanted to learn about the great players I had only seen on a few lists: Phog Allen, Charlie (T.) Black, B. H. Born, Paul Endacott, Otto Schnellbacher, Lefty Sproull, etc.

The criteria for inclusion is admittedly vague: if I think fans are unlikely to remember this player's contribution to KU basketball. Basically, these are all very good players who made significant contributions to their teams. Perhaps they were role players on great teams (Eric Pauley, Bob Kenney), or overshadowed by great players at their position (Gene Petersen, Clint Johnson).

The list also includes great scorers who did not score 1000 points. In addition to some of the possible reasons above, the change in the game itself must be considered: fewer games per season, 3 years of elibility, or a slower game. Rather than have a strict cut-off line for career points, I've used a sliding scale based on when he played. Basically, it's 100 points per decade: 100 point-scorers through the 1910 season, 200 point-scorers through 1920, etc.

I invite submissions to this list.

Forrest 'Phog' Allen1905-07
Verne LongF1909-11
Red Brown1912-13
Lefty SproullF1913-15
Paul EndacottG1921-23
John WulfC1921-23KU's all-time center, as voted by the AP in 1949
Charlie (T.) BlackG-F1922-24
Tus Ackerman1923-25
Al PetersenC1925-27
Harold Schmidt1925-27
Russell Thomson1928-30
Tom Bishop1929-31
Ted O'LearyF1930-32
Bill JohnsonC1931-33
Ray EblingF1934-36
Fred PralleG1936-38
Don EblingF1938-40
Dick HarpG1938-40
Bob AllenC1939-41434 pts
Howard EnglemanF1939-41538 pts
Ralph MillerF1939-40, 1942603 pts
John BuescherC-F-G1941-43500 pts
Ray EvansG-C1942-43, 1946-472-time All-America; jersey retired; 515 pts
Otto SchnellbacherF-G1943, 1946-48Finished 2nd in career pts (913)
Claude HouchinG-F1947-50658 pts
Gene PetersenF-C1946, 1949-50378 pts
Jerry WaughG-C1948-51573 pts
Bob KenneyF-G1950-52Finished 4th in career pts (671)
B. H. BornC1952-54Finished 3rd in career pts (917)
Allen KelleyF-G1952-54Finished 4th in career pts (586)
Dallas DobbsG1954-56Finished 5th in career pts (837)
Gene ElstunF1955-57Finished 4th in career pts (888)
Lew JohnsonC-F1955-57524 pts; little playing-time his senior year
Maurice KingF-C1955-57Finished 7th in career pts (664)
Ron LoneskiF1957-59Finished 5th in career pts (909), 3 in rebs
George UnseldC-F1963-64Finished 10th in career pts (892), 8 in rebs, in 2 seasons
Del LewisG1964-66651 pts
Al LopesG-F1965-66628 pts in 2 seasons
Ron FranzF1965-67737 pts, finished 7th in career rebs
Pierre RussellF1969-71833 pts, finished 6th in career rebs
Tom KivistoG1972-74684 pts, finished 20th in career pts
Dale GreenleeG1973-75793 pts, finished 20th in career pts
Danny KnightC1973-75760 pts, finished 12th in career rebs
Donnie Von MooreF-C1974-75, 1977730 pts, finished 14th in career rebs
Ken KoenigsF-C1975-78942 pts, finished 8th in career rebs
John DouglasG-F1977-78905 pts in 2 seasons
Paul MokeskiC1976-79945 pts, finished 5th in career rebs
Clint JohnsonG1977-80951 pts
John CrawfordF1978-81791 pts
Mark TurgeonG1984-87Finished 3rd in career assts, 10 in stls, while averaging only 16 min
Chris PiperF1985-88gutsy co-captain in 1988, great defender
Archie MarshallF1986, 1988KU's 6th man in 1986
Freeman WestF1989-90valuable role player--intelligent, hardworking
Mike MaddoxF1988-91946 pts
Terry BrownG1990-91947 pts in 2 seasons
Alonzo JamisonF1990-92clutch performer on great teams; finished 4th in career stls, 10th in assts
Eric PauleyC1992-93703 pts in 2 seasons; deadly on the secondary break
Patrick RicheyF-G1991-94686 pts; because of transfers, played out of position his last 2 seasons
Greg OstertagC1992-95968 pts; Finished 1st in career blks, 6th in rebs
B. J. WilliamsG1994-97Unselfish role-player, great defender
C. B. McGrathG1995-98Backup point-guard for two seasons; 2.1 ast/to ratio
T. J. PughF-C1996-99Great post defender; suffered with injuries his senior season

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