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This database is designed to augment the University of Kansas Men's Basketball Media Guide. It contains information that is not present in each edition of the Media Guide. Thus, you can (eventually) find the career stats for (hopefully) every KU player, not just the 1000-point scorers. My lists of records, players, and uniform numbers are in greater depth than the Media Guide's. This database is organized into three main sections.

  1. Players - the career (and each season) data for every player, including non-lettermen, who ever played for KU. In addition it notes any honors that player earned, and also where (approximately) he finished in several statistical categories. Links take you to the season summary page, so that you can see the player in context, and also to the current records in which he still has a top-10 ranking. The first page has a number of indices in order to find particular players, including alphabetically and by uniform-number. I also have specialized lists for pro-players (most with basic stats) and notable KU players who are perhaps unfamiliar to KU's younger fans. You can also get to the history of KU coaches from here, as well as important dates in KU history.

  2. Seasons - a summary of every season of Kansas basketball, including the team's record (conference, home, away, etc.), roster, and player-stats. The links take you to each player's career page. Complete game-lists and box scores are on the way.

  3. Records - several lists covering school-records in points, rebounds, assists, etc. Lists are available for games, seasons, careers, and in some cases by position or year in school.


This site is still under construction. So far, I have pretty good data going back to the 1934 season. I am currently researching (and compiling) earlier data, but it's a slow process.

General tips: This site is full of links, about 1000 more than any style guide will say is acceptable. Most are self-explanatory, for instance those for players and seasons. On the player-summary pages some of the actual stats are links to record lists in which the player still has a top ten ranking, either for a single season or career.

I have frequently guessed at numbers for which I don't have the official records. Numbers in parentheses are guesses.

About the "approximate" standing for each player: I include in the career summary where the player stood in certain categories when he finished his career. In most cases, he has since been passed many times. His current standing can usually be found in the Records section, unless his numbers have fallen out of the top 50. These standings represent my best guess.

My sources: I have compiled these data myself from the yearly media guides published by the Sports Information Office at the University of Kansas, from the Jayhawker yearbooks, and from individual game reports and score-sheets on file at the University Archives, as well as newspaper accounts. Data from professional teams comes from The Sporting News, the NBA, the CBA, and various league sites on the internet.

A careful reader will notice many discrepancies from the media guides put out each year. These are due to past mistakes being reprinted from year-to-year. In the records which follow, I have noted many of the bigger problems.

If you think I am in error, or if you have any additional information (including the source), please e-mail me.

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