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Free Throws--Single Season

1250Wilt ChamberlainCSo195739962.7
2193Wayne HightowerFSo196028567.7
3189Dave RobischCJr197025474.4
4177Wilt ChamberlainCJr195829260.6
5171Danny ManningC-FSr198823373.4
6167Wayne SimienFJr200420681.1
7165Danny ManningFJr198722673.0
7165Clyde Lovellette *CSr195225066.0
9163Paul PierceFJr199822173.8
10159Walt WesleyCSr196626260.7
11154Drew GoodenFJr200220475.5
12153Darnell ValentineGJr198019777.7
13148Marcus MorrisFJr201121568.8
13148B. H. BornCJr195323463.2
15146Darnell ValentineGSr198121468.2
15146Dave RobischFSr197123362.7
17143Raef LaFrentzF-CJr199718876.1
18142Wayne SimienFSr200517481.6
18142Ernst Uhrlaub1921
20137Nolen EllisonGJr196216981.1
20137Verne LongF1911
22136Darnell ValentineGSo197920068.0
23135B. H. BornCSr195420765.2
24134Ron KelloggGSr198615984.3
25133Wayne HightowerFJr196119966.8
26132Sherron CollinsGJr200916679.5
27128Tony GuyGJr198116577.6
28127Dave RobischFSo196919066.8
28127Nick CollisonFSr200320063.5
30124Paul PierceFSo199717371.7
31122Cole AldrichCSo200915479.2
32121Raef LaFrentzFSr199816473.8
32121Walt WesleyCJr196521057.6
34120Carl HenryGSr198415477.9
35118Sherron CollinsGSr201013885.5
36117Jerod HaaseGSr199716670.5
36117Clyde LovelletteCSo195018164.6
38116Ron LoneskiFSr195919559.5
38116George RodyF1922
40115Rex WaltersGJr199213982.7
41114Carl HenryG-FJr198315772.6
42113Eric ChenowithCSo199915373.9
42113Mark RandallFSr199117863.5
44112Bob KenneyFSr195214278.9
45111Jerry GardnerGSr196214079.3
46110Rex WaltersGSr199312687.3
46110Bill BridgesCSr196115571.0
48108Cole AldrichCJr201015967.9
49106Kevin PritchardGSr199013081.5
49106Darnell ValentineGFr197814374.1

The 1996-97 Media Guide credits Lovellette with 182 FTs in 1952 and 357 FTs for his career. These figures include the three games of the Olympic trials. In the "1000-Point Scorers" section, those three games are not included in his totals for 1952 or his career. In order to keep his point total in line with the official records, I do not count stats from those three games.

RankFTSeasonFTAPctTeam Leader
16981996-97100769.3Raef LaFrentz, 143
26232001-0286771.9Drew Gooden, 154
36181985-8686271.7Ron Kellogg, 134
46092009-1087169.9Sherron Collins, 118
56041992-9384171.8Rex Walters, 110
66011995-9691665.6Jerod Haase, 102
75982007-0885270.2Darnell Jackson, 103
85942002-0390665.6Nick Collison, 127
95851989-9085968.1Kevin Pritchard, 106
95852010-1186267.9Marcus Morris, 148

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