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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 94, Baylor 47
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I think (the win) can be traced to two things. We got very good shots, particularly because of our defense. And when you're getting some steals and laying up or taking a short jumper on the other end, that helps your percentage. And offensively we did some nice things in our execution, and people saw what was happening out there. We've really tried to work hard on our freelance stuff the last week, and it looked a little better tonight, so we'll wait and see what it looks like the next game.

"Billy gave us a lift in the first half, makes his first three. Then I take him out and Kenny Gregory did some nice things. I think he was like four for four at half. Raef was only five for 10 in the first half, because Brian (Skinner) was really bothering him. In the second half I didn't think he bothered him quite as much.

"The first six to eight minutes of the game I was really ticked off about what we were doing defensively. They were passing anywhere they wanted to and getting any shot they wanted. I made a substitution (all five starters out), and C.B. gave us a big lift. I took all five of those guys out and put the five starters back in, didn't like what they were doing, took them out quickly again. Yesterday in practice we didn't have the emotion and the intensity, and I just told them I wasn't going to stand for that tonight. So you can sit over here or go play the way I want you to play. All of a sudden that learning tool of your butt sitting on the bench usually helps, and it did again tonight.

"After that they were sensational. I don't know exactly when it was, but that last part of the first half, we were sensational. And really that was the whole ballgame. We forced 17 turnovers in the first half and held them to 30% shooting from the floor, while we were shooting 63%. It was a working margin then, and the second half we were just trying to get better and hopefully get some things that can help us out later on.

"A lot of people probably get tired of hearing me talk about this, but T.J. Pugh is really good. Defensively we got some help for him (on Skinner) when they tried to lob it over. We decided to put T.J. on him. then if he got in foul trouble, we'd switch and put Raef on him and try to give him different looks. Then we had Lester and Eric in the game, just trying to keep different people coming at him. Brian is a heck of a player, and we focused a lot of our defense just on him. The big thing is, too, we should understand that Patrick Hunter not playing in the game really hurt them. There's no way we would have gotten them to turn it over like that if Patrick had been in the game.

"I told (Harry Miller, BU coach) there's nothing I can say. We were pretty doggone good. And he said, 'You really were good, and we were really bad, and that's what happens.' He's done a great job with that club and that program. There's a lot of respect around the league and around the country for the job that Harry's done. A couple of years ago that program wasn't in the best shape in the world and had a lot of problems. Harry's got them to respectability. They're going to beat a lot of people, and luckly tonight we got things going and it wasn't us."

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