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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 111, Colorado 62
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We were pretty good at both ends of the court tonight. Colorado caught us at a time where we're making our outside shots, we're getting the ball inside to Lester and Eric, and they're scoring, we're good defensively, we're coming up with some steals, taking it down and scroing before they can get their defense set. And then we're really active at both ends of the court. It was the kind of game, I wish we could have saved some of that, because we're going to need some of that down the line. But I told the kids, if you're not having fun during this output, there's something wrong with you, because when you lose yourself in the game and work hard and really concentrate on what's going on, you can do some things like that. You don't shoot the basketball like that every night.

"I'll tell you a crazy one. To me, the best play of the game was Billy Thomas. And that's when Kenny Gregory has the ball and gives it up to Billy two-on-one, and whether I like it or not, kids know how many points they have. That freaking scoreboard up there, they always read how many points they have. Billy had eight points, but Billy didn't think about that, gave it right back to Kenny, and Kenny laid it up. That was my favorite play of the night.

"Ryan's really been struggling shooting the ball. The first three or four games of the year, he's shooting about 80 percent. But you take out those games and he's really been struggling shooting the ball. And Ryan can flat out shoot it. I mean he's a heck of a shooter, and I think every time he cocks it, it's going to go in. But he's been struggling. We gave our guys some extra shooting time yesterday, since there's no school going on, and he's worked hard, trying to get his feet set, get a good extension and follow through. Not only was he seven for seven, but the other stat I like is five assists and no turnovers. The last two games have been two of the better games he's played here.

"I really believe Eric and Lester are really coming along, but I don't want to get too excited about one game. There were some good things out ther tonight. But we are bigger than Colorado, we're deeper than Colorado, we're more experienced than Colorado. I'll say it like I said it earlier, I like what Ricardo is doing with his club. They play extremely hard, and if I had to say, I'd say in the second half they probably outhustled us, but we got more shots to go in.

"(Gregory's assist to Chenowith) was behind the back, and I love those plays, as long as they're successful. If they're not successful, they usually know that next horn they'll be coming over to sit with me. But I loved that. I love kids who have a flair for the game, and I think Kenny does. It was a nice night. I'd like to stay there and play about 800 minutes instead of just 40.

"They say (Pierce) has just a slight sprain (of a knee), and they didn't think there'd be anything wrong with him continuing to play. He's going to b sore tomorrow, so we'll probably keep him off of it tomorrow and not allow him to do anything. Hopefully, between now and Saturday (at UT) it'll get a little bit better for him. But the discouraging thing to me is that we've really needed some practice time, and I really think we've helped our basketball team the past couple of days with really good practices, and now we're going to miss Paul, so that part is discouraging. But hopefully it'll be something where he can come back and play Saturday.

"It was a thrill for me (to meet former KU player, US Senator, and presidential candidate Bob Dole at halftime). I told him if I'd have known we were going to play that well, I'd like for his tail to come every night. I didn't know if that was exactly proper to say something like that to somebody like him. So that shows a lack of class on Roy Williams' part. But I told him, we played so well, I hope you can come back every night, and I think I said I'd like for your tail to come back. Maybe he didn't hear me. Don't print that."

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