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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 96, Nebraska 76
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I think home is nicer. I love going to Hawaii, and I love a lot of things about it, but I love being at home when we're playing basketball.

"I was really pleased, with school not being in session, the crowd tonight. The place was packed like normal. The crowd helped us defensively a couple of times. And I was probably more pleased with our defensive play than anything else that was goinig on out there. I think we were alert.

"You know, people talk about how the trip to Hawaii kills you and your legs, yet you look down there and we shoot over 80% from the free throw line and so does Nebraska, so I think a lot of it is just in your mind, and you've go to put that out of it.

"The only time I was discouraged during the entire game was the last minute of the first half. We've got a 17- or 19-point lead, yet they score five in a row. And Billy took the worst shot I've ever seen any human take in Allen Fieldhouse. There may be an alien in there that would take one that bad, but I've never seen any human in there take one that bad. I was disappointed in that because that's a huge thing to let somebody score the last five points, and maybe give them some hope.

"Then we come out and we turn it over the first possession of the second half, but then we had a couple of good things happen. One time in the second half we moved the basketball about nine or ten passes, two or three of the guys could have taken a shot but we kept moving the basketball, and all of a sudden Billy's wide open behind the three-point line and he knoocks it in. If we play basketball like that, we can be a really good team.

"I've been on Eric's case. I told him he's the only seven-footer in America to shoot under 50%, because he's just been so timid inside. Tonight I liked how he was. Nine of 11. I don't know what his percentage is, but that's going to help it a lot. And Kenny was more active tonight. He was a little under the weather when we were in Hawaii, but he's feeling a little bit better now. We got more production out of Lester and Eric inside, and that's what we didn't get in the Hawaii game. We've got to have good balance. Nobody really shot the ball well. Paul and Ryan both had wide open threes a couple of times and didn't shoot it well. Billy missed some, but Billy's really the only one who shot it well from the outside. But if we get that balance from the insdie, you can live with that.

"We count on Paul a great deal. We just throw him the ball and then stand around and look and watch him play sometimes. I was really pleased tonight; in the second half one time he penetrated and threw it to Eric and Eric got a layup. If you remember, in the first half he did it, and Eric turned his head because he's starting to look for the rebound. You've got to learn how to play with people, and Paul is going to give it up. But we do tend to stand and see if he's going to do something.

"I have no clue (why Earl pulled a Globetrotters foul shot move, starting his motion but never releasing the ball). I've never seen anything like that before in my life. It must be something from Baton Rouge, that's all I can tell you.

"Ryan Robertson hasn't gotten very much credit for his defensive play this year. Two or three times tonight, Tyronn (Lue) goes up and Ryan's got a hand in his face. But I thought Ryan did a really good job on him defensively. Ryan didn't shoot it reall well, but other than that, I thought it was about his best game of the year."

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