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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 94, Texas Christian 78
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It was good defense, but we kept scoring and it was harder for them to get their running game out. We didn't turn it over against their press, and that's where they get a lot of their points. We turned it over more than I wanted, but it wasn't agains the press. Probably half our turnover were after we got a rebound and let them strip the ball from us.

"Paul Pierce has never had as many open shots two and three freet from the basket early in the game, and he couldn't get them to go down, but the last eight or ten minutes Paul was really big for us in the first half. But Billy was three of four from the three-point line, and that was big.

"Lester (making his KU debut) was very anxious. When he rebounded the ball he was trying to grab the ball so hard he was trying to squeeze the air out of it. I think two or three of those turnovers were his where he just lost the ball after he got the rebound. But if he had made that dunk at the end of the game, that crowd would still be out there rocking.

"C.B. was big for us. The last seven or eight games since I put him in the spot to be the first sub off the bench for Ryan. He was really helpful again today, and in fact gave us a little spark on the defensive end of the floor. Against Pepperdine C.B. was the defensive player of the game, and that's the kind of thing he's been doing for us.

"Nailon was a load, and we let him get too many offensive rebounds and put the ball back in the basket. Or they'd break us down with their penetration and our big guys would help, then that would leave him open. But I really think Raef did a very good job. If I had to geuss, I'd say it was probably Raef's best defensive game of the year.

"You never want to be with me for three or four days in a row after a loss without playing another game. They played very well, rose to the occaision. Defensively I really thought it may have been our best game of the year. But I was pleased with our poise."

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