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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 82, Nebraska 71
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We got fantastic performances from Paul and Raef. I think people ought to enjoy looking at them around the league, because it's very seldom you're going to have two players with that ability on the same team, and luckily for me they happen to play on our team. I thought they were sensational for us. Ryan Robertson, you look down there and he's one for three and you say, 'Well, not much.' But you look over on the right side (of the stat sheet) and he has 11 assists and zero turnovers. Billy was just absolutely awful, and yet may have made the biggest play of the day when there were six seconds left (on the shot clock), we took the timeout, and he makes the big three.

"At that point I thought that put us in pretty good shape with a seven-point game. They go down and shoot and miss and get the rebound. And for some reason we run off and leave Piatkowski, he makes a three, and now it's back to four. Then we had to make free throws, and Raef and Paul stepped up and made their free throws down the stretch.

"I was just happy to get the win. We talk all the time about being tough enough mentally to play and win on the road regardless of what happens. It was really a pretty ugly performance, and I was not pleased. I felt like I was begging them the whole game. We did some things that can help you lose, but the two All-Americans were really big for us.

"We decided before the game we were going to play quite a bit of zone because Tyronn (Lue) has such an ability to get you in foul trouble, and we wanted to make sure we kept Ryan in the game. It didn't help us a lot because he got in foul trouble anyway, but C.B. really stepped up and did a good job for us.

"Their zone bothered us in the first half. We kept taking a quick three-point shot and not getting it inside and not letting Raef touch the ball or T.J. touch the ball. Then all of a sudden we got a couple of spurts where we got some good things out of it. We've got to play a lot better, but give Nebraska credit. They really bothered us today."

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