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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 89, Pennsylvania 71
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Playing in consolation games is not something we want to do very often. The first time in ten years, and we hope it's at least ten years before it happens again. But offensively both teams were sharp. I thought we were tyring defensively and doing a decent job, and they kept making jump shots against us. They shot 50 percent for the game and 62 percent in the second half from the three-point line. Billy even partially blocked a shot one time and it still went in. But give Penn credit. They weren't intimidated by Kansas being in the top polls and this kind of stuff. They came out and played their game, and that was to penetrate, try to draw people to them, and then pitch out. We didn't do a great job of getting to the shooter, but then they made some when we did get out there.

"We said several times in the huddle, we've got to get some stops. They were difficult to handle because they kept moving the ball and getting penetration, and we'd sag in to support, and they'd kick it out and guys were making shots. But credit them for sticking to their game plan, what they thought they could do well and what they thought would be difficult for us, and they did a pretty good job of it.

"I was pleased. I thought we had much more concentration tonight than we did last night (83-86 loss to Maryland). I thought that really killed us last night.

"We didn't take advantage of our size as much as we should have. I told T.J., 'When you shot that three-pointer out there, even the one you made, the coach was happy. And then when you shot the one that didn't go in, the coach was ecstatic, because that's taking away our size.' Eric was shooting jump shots from 15 feet, not using his size, too. But Raef did a good job of getting inside, Paul did a good job of getting inside, Billy made some threes that were big for us in the second half. And he needed to, because he was pretty much down after last night's game. But that's basketball. He can't dwell too much on last night. You got to say in the present. You got to work as hard as you can, and play today's game, not worry about yesterday's.

"Raef played well except for the free throw line: one for five. I'll mention that to him, to say the least. But the best thing is he played harder and smarter on the defensive end of the floor. He and Billy last night didn't have very good grades defensively, and they were down a good bit after our tape sessions last night and this morning. But they came out and played well tonight."

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