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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 97, Nebraska 82
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Basically, the story of the game was the 17-2 run at the end of the first half. We got more active defensively, we got some turnovers, got the ball inside and scored. The second half, it went from about 16 points to about 22 points and no more than that that I saw. One great spurt right before half, and that was about it.

"Lester gave us a big lift. The biggest thing he did was he just played as hard as he could play. I was really disappointed in how we rebounded the basketball. I thought they were out-rebounding us by 800. It's really only eight more, but my feeling was every time they shot, they just played volleyball with it until they finally beat it in or somebody got fouled. For us to be what we want to be, we've got to do a lot better job of rebounding. We've been a pretty good rebounding team. By rebound margin, I think we're probably the best rebounding team in the league, but we didn't show it tonight.

"I thought Ffriend and Bradford were just animals inside. We couldn't do anything with them. Yet, you win by 15, so there were some good things going on out there. I thought Nick Bradford was sensational passing the ball. Nick Collison being six for seven and doing what he did. I was glad Drew Gooden bounced back from such a poor game the other night. And Luke making a couple of threes always looks good, too.

"I can't remember but one time in my career that we've put one guy on the line that much (Ffriend, 19 FTA). That was the guy down at Texas Tech last year (Rayford Young, 18-18 in FTs). And I think if you continue to do that, you're gonna get beat. We had two guys foul out. They're both post players. We played about six post players in there tonight, and we needed them, but I don't know that any of the six did the job boxing out that we wanted them to do.

"It looked like Keystone Cops out there at the end with John Crider, Terry, and Kirk taking all those shots. I started to tell them to let me shoot the sucker. It would have been about the same thing from over on the bench. We shot 38% in the second half, and we missed the last eight shots we took. I pointed at Coach Dougherty, Coach Holladay, and Jerod in the locker room and said that every one of those guys would love to play one more minute, and if I'm going to play one more minute, I'm going to try to do the best I possibly can. A couple of them were good shots, but they can't be anything casual. I don't like casual basketball, and I thought that's what it was.

"Ten turnovers is a good number, especially against Nebraska. It's an up-and-down game. Last year, that's the part of the game that killed us when we played them. But without Cookie Belcher, it's more difficult for them. When you lose your best player, your most experienced player, the player who does the best job of setting the stage for your defense like Cookie does, that's a heck of a loss. I'm shocked that people are telling me that Danny's (Nee, NU coach) catching some heat, because that's not right. Nebraska is nine straight years in post-season play. I'm pretty good on basketball history, and I had no idea Nebraska was such a great basketball power before Danny got there. For him to be catching heat like that, that's not right.

"The last (Luke Axtell three-point shot) was the best one. He really took another split second, knew he was going to be open, got his feet set, and knocked it in. When he let that one go, there was never any doubt. He rushed a couple of them. He's got to be a little more patient with it."

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