Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 94, Colorado 87
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I really think theyíre a really good team. They just havenít been fortunate enough to break through on the road. We wanted to make sure it didnít happen tonight here, but they have shooting ability, they have size, they have defenders, they can block shots. We said we have to make sure Morandis and Pelle and Wilson donít go crazy on us, and Pelle didnít have a great night, but then Harrison had a great night. It was a weird night.

"Theyíre a really good basketball team. We had to do some nice things, and maybe as nice a performance as Iíve ever seen by a kid who has an injury. When I took Wayne Simien out the last time, I said I donít care if they score a hundred points in a row, Iím not putting him back in. If somebody offers me a million dollars, Iím not putting him back in. We said itís going to be like an ankle: that heís going to tweak it, itís going to be a little painful for him, but heís gotta be able to play through that. Twenty-one points, 13 rebounds. The whole team gets tomorrow off, and I told him he could even have the next day off. What he did was mind boggling, what he was able to do out there. Nick Collison was a man again tonight: 24 points and 14 rebounds.

"Stephane Pelle didnít have a very good game against us out there. I think he made his first shot and then didnít make another one, but Wilson killed us. Tonight we were able to do a better job, and Pelle didnít have a great night, but Wilson did. I think you have to congratulate them. They just kept coming at us, and we made some of the dumbest plays youíve ever seen. We call a set play, send Keith Langford back door, and Jeff Graves throws it behind his back going out of bounds. But still, Iím as happy as I can be for getting a win, and as proud as I can be to be involved with Wayne Simien.

"(Simienís) shoulder is sore. The crazy thing is, on Sunday he played his tail off and gave us 18 minutes, then on Monday at practice he tweaked it again, and I thought he was gone. I went to the radio show and came back, and they said that heíd gone out and shot free throws afterwards with the rest of the team. Yesterday at practice he was fine. One time tonight he said he hurt it quite a bit, and I took him out and told him to go back to the locker room. I told Mark (Cairns, KU trainer) to stretch it or ice it or whatever, and I want to know for sure if he can go back in. If not, thatís no problem. But theyíve said heís going to tweak it a little bit. Heís not going to do any further damage to it. Heíll be fine in June, but he wants to play. Kirk Hinrich last year in the tournament, and Wayne Simien. Thatís about as tough as you can be. When he came back out, Mark said heís ready to go. I asked him if he wanted to go right back in or wait a little bit, and he said, ĎRight now.í Thatís what you coach for, to have feelings about a kid like that. Heís just special."

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