Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 80, California 67

courtesy of Jack Alden

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“(During Cal’s second half run, cutting the KU lead from 24 to 8) on the offensive end we weren’t playing that poorly. Kirk got a harge called, Keith got a charge called, Keith got a shot blocked, Nick missed a layup, Wayne missed a layup, and that was about five straight possessions, while at the other end they’re making some threes. It taught Nick a lesson. We said, ‘You’ve got to get all the way up on Tamir, because he can shoot it. I don’t think he can beat you on the drive, but he can beat you if you allow him to shoot that three-point shot.’ They made a bunch of threes, I think it (lead) got to eight at one point, and we had a timeout, and the first possession after the timeout Wayne got a dunk. We go down and get a stop, we come back down and get another basket inside and sort of stem the tide a little bit. And then we made really good decisions. Michael Lee made a big three for us, Nick made good decisions, and I really thought Aaron Miles was sensational today with his play.

“The other guy, too, is Keith. Keith Langford got his nose broken yesterday. I wasn’t even sure he was going to play today, but he made a couple of big baskets for us right inside the free throw line in the second half, as well.

“We thought we had to do a job against Wethers, Shipp, and Tamir. Those are their three scorers. I thought Kirk Hinrich was sensational on Wethers. I questioned one or two of those calls there that made him lose his effectiveness a little bit defensively. Nick gave up the three-pointers to Tamir, but Keith and Michael tried to do a better job on Shipp in the second half, because he hurt us a little bit on the back cuts in the first half. But everybody was a little better. They just made some threes, and they’re a good basketball team. You expect them to make a run, and they did, and the crowd got into it, but we weathered the storm.

“They scored the last six points of the game, or something like that. I think we had it back to 17 or 18, but you can’t beat somebody 18, and expect in the next 20 minutes you’re gonna beat ‘em 18 again if they’re a good basketball team. That’s what we try to do, but most of the time that doesn’t happen.

“We get a couple days break and then all of a sudden we play three games in five days, including the (Big 12) opener on the road. Right now we just want to enjoy the heck out of this game, though.”

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