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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 81, Colorado 72
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It was an amazing game. We were about as dumb as we could be. We have a 10-second violation, we have a five-second violation, and we have an offensive foul three straight possessions, and you can't do those kinds of things about be a real good basketball team. Yet our team was able to do those things and still win.

"I thought Eric Chenowith, Lester Earl, Kenny Gregory, those three guys particularly gave us a big lift off the bench. Eric ended up with 15 points. It's hard with Raef sitting over there with me (in foul trouble) as long as he was tonight (about 13 minutes in the second half.)

"In the second half we shot 58 percent. We really did get some great shots. We just didn't get enough of them was the only problem we had.

"Give Colorado credit. They played very well, made us dig down about as deep as we possibly have all year long. We just couldn't keep them off the free throw line the second half. The other thing we couldn't do, we couldn't keep Kenny Price from shooting in the three-point shot. He had a heck of a game for Colorado. They're going to be a good basketball team, and I'm just glad we're finished playing them.

"I feel good for those kids in the locker room (clinching at least a tie for the Big 12 title). The senior class, this gives them four out of four, and that's something we talked about."

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