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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 89, Vanderbilt 82
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It was the kind of game that is a fun kind of game. It's a frustrating kind of game, as well. Early in the second half we were really good. Our offense was cranked up. We're getting some layups on the other end, and it's like a 19- or 20-point game. Then all of a sudden we throw it away three times in a row, and two of them are for layups for them. They get six unanswered points, and that gave them some confidence. We could've made the ending of the ball game right there, but we didn't continue to play. And then we got very tentative against their zone. They spread it out, and we're lacking a little bit of understanding. We don't have that inside scoreer we've always had, and it's taken us a while to adjust to that.

"Paul made some big plays for us down the stretch. Nick, I got really ticked off at him, but I put him back in and gave him a chance, and he makes a big hoop for us. Billy makes a couple of big shots, and Billy makes some free throws.

"We hurt ourselves in two ways. We were very tentative, and we were also awful from the free throw line down the stretch. We've been a good free throw shooting team, but we were not tonight. Even Ryan missed two in a row at one point.

"Ryan was all of our offfense for four or five minutes in there, made two or three nice jumpers for us and was more aggressive, didn't try to penetrate too far, but pulled up and shot it. But then those last eight minutes it really was Paul doing most of the work, or Billy making some free throws.

"In last night's game (69-56 over Ohio State) Billy had 43 good defensive plays, and I think that's the most good defensive plays the staff has given any player this year. Plus the 27 points. I thinik he was good defensively tonight, too: 22 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, and no turnovers. That's a heck of a game.

"Lester was good in the early going, then he got a little carried away with himself and took a shot he shouldn't have taken. Then in the second half, never really got back in the flow as much. I congratulated him at halftime. He had nine rebounds. The big rascal only had one the second half, so I'm going to stop congratulating him. But with each and every game he's going to get better for us, but he's got to be more effective and he's got to stop fumbling the ball out of bounds. He had two or three dead layups tonight that ended up not taking the ball to the basket. Paul missed an eight-footer, and Lester's right there for the tip-in and missed that. But all that's going to come with more playing time and more games under his belt.

"The place will be rocking (Tuesday night versus Hawaii in the finals). It'll be a heck of a college atmosphere, and one that I enjoy. You know me: I like going into someone else's lving room and seeing how we can do."

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