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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 89, Iowa State 70
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams> - "We really played well against an outstanding team. I'm even more impressed with 'em (ISU) now after we played them than I was watching them on tape. I thought they were pretty doggone good then.

"If I had to pick a couple of things, I'd say that tonight it was our size against their quickness, and tonight size won out. We got the ball inside, particularly in the second half, and got great shots. At the same time, I thought Jerod was really something defensively. Willoughby is really something; he's very difficult to guard. I thought Jerod was outstanding. Jacque guarded him a little bit. Billy came in when Jerod was out. We really tried to focus on him, and then Cato comes in and kills us in the first half.

"At half we were up four, and I was really ticked off because I didn't think we'd played very intelligent basketball. I don't mean to take away from what they (ISU) did, because they really had a good plan and executed well and were right there in the game and probably felt pretty good about it. But in the second half we were much sharper, didn't turn it over nearly as much as we did in the first half, got better shots, got closer shots. Billy made a couple of big threes for us midway through the second half--that was good for us. Basically, it might have been our best half of the year; even better than against UCLA. We were really good in the second half.

"We got more rebounds than they did, yet in the second half we shot such a high percentage there weren't many offensive rebounds to get. At halftime we had nine offensive rebounds, and we only finished up with 10. But we shot 65 percent in the second half, so you're not going to have as many opportunities. And we cut down a little bit on their offensive rebounds, except for two flurries in the second half when they got three or four. But rebounding was important, it got our break going. Scot Pollard and Raef LaFrentz with 10 and 11 rebounds, and when they rebound on the defensive boards, and they each had eight, it gets our break going. Jacque did a good job of finding the people on the break, and Paul and Raef and Scot using their ability to score inside was big for us.

"We go to the free throw line tonight and hit 15 out of 18. A big key for us was we wanted to get to the free throw line more than they did. We didn't accomplish that, because we shot 18 and they shot 20, but we had to keep thir free throws down because they've just been killing everybody at the free throw line."

ISU coach Tim Floyd - "Our M.O. has been to hold teams to 41 percent, but they have too many weapons. Their inside guys were devastating. We never had an answer. It was Pollard and LaFrentz all night long.

"The first five minutes of the second half we knew they were going inside on us, and we couldn't stop it.

"I'm glad we could contribute to Roy Williams' assault on Clair Bee's all-time winning percentage."

ISU guard Dedric Willoughby - "We can't give up 49 points in one half and let a team shoot 57 percent from the field.

"Roy Williams does a great job with their guys. It looks like if he tells them to do something, they do it. I wouldn't be surprised if they won the NCAA championship."

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