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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 72, Virginia 66
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "They've got a tremendous backcourt, and they play to those strengths. They were mad at the way they played in the first half, and they came back and played much, much better and a little bit differently in the second half. They did a good job.

"Defensively I thought there were three big plays. Scot's block of that shot, Paul's charge (drawn against Deane), and then one time when the ball went up on the board and we slapped it loose and ended up getting it on the loose ball scramble. But those kind of things you have to have. You have to make those plays.

"What I liked more than anything.... I didn't like the flow of the game, because we were really sensational defensively in the first half, but threw it away a little bit too much on the offensive end. The second half, we all of a sudden left our brains in the locker room. We didn't play very intelligently, but I loved what happened the last three minutes of the game. I told our team at one of the timeouts I expected it to go down to the wire, and it did. We executed getting the ball inbounds against their pressure, we go to the line and make the free throws, and I like that part better than anything. That's going to help us later.

"Raef and Scot should have been more of a factor. We didn't do a very good job of getting the basketball to them. Jacque in the first half may have been as good defensively as I've ever seen a point guard of mine play. In the second half he got in foul trouble and I had to take him out again, but again Calvin and Ryan did some good things and helped keeep the ship at least partially afloat until we got him back.

"I enjoyed what we got out of that game. And I really do believe the last three or four minutes and what we got out of them is going to be important to us down the line. I'm going to enjoy this one tonight and at least half the day tomorrow, and then I'll start worrying about Saturday's game."

UVa coach Jeff Jones - "It's petty obvious in the first half Kansas established itself as the aggressor forcing us to do things we don't want to do, and we ended up getting frustrated. We were getting down when we missed shots.

"There were 20 more minutes to play, and I didn't want them to get down. The last thing they needed was for me to be negative with them.

"In the second half, after an early tug of war for momentum, we became the agressor. We scratched and clawed to get back in the game, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

(When Vaughn sat with four fouls) "That was a big point for us because Rayford was hesitant to shoot, and that enabled us to do a better job on defense inside. The thing that hurt us the most in the first half was their inside players."

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