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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 73, Missouri 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We said it was going to come down to the last three to five minutes. Thatís exactly what we told them, regardless of how the game goes, and we were so bad the first half. The last 15 minutes of the first half we were miserable, and it was because of a mind-set. Missouri was quicker to balls. They acted like they wanted the game more. And we made some serious bonehead plays and had ten turnovers. Then at halftime itís unbelievable. Just flip a switch and now Keith is Keith. And Horton got the best of Aaron the first half. Aaron would be the first to tell you that. Keith had a bad half. Dub shot too many jump shots, even though we want him to shoot it, he wasnít hitting tonight like he normally does. We just made so many mistakes. I thought JR was solid all night long. Then the second half comes, and we really played well for 20 minutes. You take away two silly fouls on free throws, when we missed a free throw, and you take away the bad pass that led to a dunk, and thatís about as well as you can play. And no matter what, a 12-point win, itís still Missouri, and we shouldnít apologize for beating Missouri by 12.

"This is sad to say, but before the game you didnít feel the electricity (compared to Saturday vs. Texas). But look at all the energy we spent on Texas. Thatís a three- or four-day buildup with GameDay and all that stuff. I kept thinking we canít have a let-down for Missouri, arguably as big a rival as we have ≠ probably the most hated rival by fans ≠ but we performed like there was a little bit of a hangover. And yesterday we didnít practice. All the starters did was shoot for 15 minutes because I knew weíd have tired legs today, and we certainly did. We played like a tired team the first half, and an unsound team. But man, the second half, Aaron and Keith got us going, and we were good the second half.

"I think we practiced that (zone defense) about six weeks ago for about 15 minutes. But it helped us. We did a pretty good job in the zone and rebounded pretty well out of it. You look at the second half, we had three turnovers, we outrebounded them by seven, we had 11 assists, and we shoot 58 percent, 75 from the line. Thatís pretty good against a team that was really hungry tonight. To be honest with you, we gave them reason for hope, and then after we gave them hope they outplayed us there for a stretch. And certainly they had a chance to win the game if we hadnít played so well in the second half.

"A couple of Keithís drives were unbelievable. Heís got the best body control of anybody. But we need to start switching shoes at the first time-out as opposed to halftime, I think.

"They shoot a lot of threes, and we defended the three well. They came in here thinking weíve got to take care of the ball, weíve got to take good shots, weíve got to do this, weíve got to do that in order to win, and they executed their game plan very well.

"I need to go recruit, and these guys need to get away from me and just rest. Maybe now we can just catch our breath for a couple of days before we start preparing for Nebraska."

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