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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 73, Wisconsin-Milwaukee 62
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played with very little energy. We were lethargic. We did some good things. We made some shots, especially our young kids. Russell and Alex stepped up and made some shots. Keith shot the ball well from behind the arc today. We did some good things. We’ll take it and move on. I knew this would be a struggle game for us for a lot of reasons, but we’ve got to play a lot better. We have a week to get ready to play Georgia Tech, and we’re not ready to play them right now, based on the last two games. Hopefully this will be a good time to get a break and come back with our batteries recharged, because we’re a tired team right now.

"I thought Christian was terrific the second half. I think he might have had all nine points and six rebounds in the second half, but he doesn’t turn it over and he’s a stabilizing player for us. Darnell didn’t get a chance to do much tonight. I thought CJ did some good things when he got in there. But still, we looked like a very young, inexperienced team out there. We’re gambling and missing late in the shot clock, Alex goes and guards a different man and lets his man shoot a three.... There are so many things we’ ve got to improve on. But it was a win, and before the game if you had told me we were going to win by 11, I’d have said, ‘OK, we probably played pretty well.’ But I wish we’d have played better.

"I thought Alex played very well. We’ve all got to get better defensively, because this was not a good defensive performance tonight. But I thought Alex played very well and rebounded the ball well, kept balls alive. Russell played 24 minutes, which is his season high; Alex played 17 minutes, which is obviously his season high, and CJ played 15, which is his season high. So there was three freshmen in there doing some good things, and those guys combined for 32 points, so we couldn’t have won the game without them.

"We didn’t guard (McCants) very well. And some of the shots he made were hard to guard. He played 29 minutes, doesn’t turn it over, and scores 26 points. That’s a pretty good performance. He’s explosive, he’s strong, and they’ve got a good team. I’d be really surprised if they don’t win their league.

"The guys seem tired. Finals week, two games, Dub’s situation, and we’ve been practicing pretty long trying to work on some things. So this will be a great opportunity to spend some time with their families, enjoy the holiday, and come back with their batteries recharged. I’m leaving here tonight thinking, ‘Gosh darn it, I wish we had played better and made our free throws. But we had 12 turnovers against a team that turns people over all the time, and we did it with basically three freshmen playing a ton of minutes, and we’re gonna get better. But we are 8-0 and ranked #2, and that ’s not terrible.

"Aaron’s always going to get assists. He got nine tonight. The ball’s in his hands a lot. I’m happy for him. I really feel like breaking Jacque’s record is more meaningful than the Big 12, because the Big 12 has only been in existence for about ten years. But you talk about all the great guards at Kansas, and he’s an exceptional kid.”

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