Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 65, Texas Tech 56
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We feel really good in the locker room right now. It was a tough game for us. I have a great deal of respect for Texas Tech; their players and especially their coach. We had to play well. Offensively, thatís as well as weíve played since the second half of the Texas game. We moved the ball, we shared the ball. We ended up shooting 56%. We didnít take many bad shots. I was just really pleased with the way we played on the offensive end of the floor, because we moved the ball really well. We had four guys in double figures, and thatís important for us.

"I thought Keith Langford was outstanding. I thought Nick Collison was good. I was really proud of Aaron. Aaron shot an air ball after we had run the shot clock down, and then the next possession he stepped right up and made a jump shot, so I was impressed with him. A lot of guys would shy away from everything. But again, I thought Keith was outstanding for us. Ten of 13 from the floor. Theyíre a good defensive team. If we had not moved the ball as well as we did, it would not have been that, because they donít give you anything easy.

"Recently weíve tried to do more time and score situations, and I donít know if it helped tonight or what, but I liked our poise during the course of the game when they were making their comeback.

"Nick had three blocks tonight. Before itís over with, heís going to be in the top three in Kansas history in points, rebounds, and blocks. He was big for us tonight. Our inside play with Nick is really good, and Iím not trying to cut any of their players, but we have a better inside presence with our big people.

"There is some celebrating in the locker room. Youíve got to feel good about each win. I donít think you just look down at the end and see whatís going on, because thatís not right. For us, those kids feel really good in the locker room."

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