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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 78, Nebraska 65
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played good. If you take away their first stretch when we panicked with some turnovers.... Other than that, if we got a shot up, we made most of them. So weíve just got to take better care of the ball. But we played really well. We were very efficient today. And of course, Keith got off to a good start, which led to a fantastic game. He was awesome. He goes for 27 and ties a career high. Aaron was solid. Dub was terrific, and I thought Mike Lee came in and played very well also. It was a good team win. We guarded well, our first shot defense was very good, we rebounded the ball well for 30 minutes of the game, but we had to earn our free throws today.

"We had thought all along that we were going to play some zone because it worked a few possessions against Missouri, but the way they run offense, they spread you, and you canít trap Turek or Maric on the post because they spread you so much, and their four man is a shooter. So we made a decision we were going to try to go at them head up, not trap ball screens because the four man was such a good shooter most of the time. Fortunately for us, they didnít go to the ball screens much, and we played some zone. And it wasnít a great zone by any means, but it did kind of throw their rhythm off.

"Dourisseau was really good today. They just put their head down and drove it. We guarded their stuff, so they just drove it, and when they drove it he got to the free throw line. Heís also really good on the offensive glass. Our wings went through four or five possessions when we didnít block out worth a flip and gave them some easy baskets.

"We were fortunate today. We had some things go our way, but also I thought we were really very efficient.

"JR played well. He didnít shoot it good. Heís 0-5 from three, and heís our best three-point shooter, but he did a good job. He had four assists and only one turnover. But the biggest thing was he was active. He had three or four blocks. I think he had four blocks and didnít get credit for one, and a couple of steals. I thought everybody who played played well. Hawk had a couple of bad things happen when he first went in there, but he happened to be in there when things kind of went south. I thought Sasha did some good things.

"Christian, bless his heart, is not healthy at all. Iím sure heíll take off Sunday and Monday, practice Tuesday, and then play Wednesday. Thatís kind of been the M.O. with him. His ankle isnít responding as well as we had hoped. And we certainly need him healthy because he doesnít have the same bounce or explosion that he had before. But heís playing well and his numbers are pretty good. He just gets his eight points and six rebounds and goes on about his business. Heís got to make his free throws, or at least give them a chance to go in. But Iím really proud of our guys. Weíve made some progress, and now weíve got to get ready for the Wildcats, because we know theyíll be ready for us."

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