Coach Self's Post-Game Comments
after KU 91, EA Sports 87
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It wasnít easy. They were unbelievable. They shot the ball great, even when we had great defensive possessions, they still made threes. I donít know if we could have scripted it any better. Weíve been practicing for two weeks, itís way too early to play a game, weíve been together two weeks, and theyíve been together for four days. Itís not like we have a lot of stuff in. But it exposed so many weaknesses that we talked about. But until you get into game type conditions, you donít buy into a lot. I told our guys after the game, 'I like scoring 91 points, but never when someone hangs 87 on us.' We didnít guard very well. We didnít do a lot of things very well. But what we did do, we competed well. Weíll get better, and I thought we did a good job, all in all.

"They probably scored off a play or a ball screen or a pick-n-pop maybe 5 baskets out of their 30. Everything else was just penetrate-and-pitch or transition. A lot of times we had them defended, and they still made shots. Thatís one of the advantages of being old and mature, they donít have a coach over there thatís going to take them out for missing shots. They know how to play.

"The crowd was awesome for an exhibition game. It was great. But they (EA) canít play in front of a crowd like that again, and you know that crowd gave them energy, as well. You know, when you donít have things in and you havenít talked about end-of-the-game situations and things like that, I think we can get a lot better in some of those areas. We made some bonehead plays, but we also made some good plays.

"We had bad matchups. If weíre going to put our best five out there, that means Wayne had to guard Lucas (Johnson). That may have helped us offensively, but certainly that didnít do much for us defensively, and that created some problems. Aaron was terrific, Michael Lee made some good plays, and Bryant Nash gave us some good minutes, but to me the most important player and the best player of the game was Jeff Hawkins. I thought he totally changed everything with his intensity.

"I told (freshman David Padgett) he was going to start, and he couldnít swallow for about the next five minutes. But it doesnít take an expert to see that this guy has a chance to be really, really good.

"You canít have 19 turnovers, and you canít give up nine second shots in one half, and you canít do a lot of things and expect to win. But fortunately for us they crowd was good, the kids had fun playing, and we made just enough shots to hang in there.Ē

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