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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 90, Iowa State 89
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Iím real happy. We knew coming into the game that if Iowa State brings their A game like they did the second half against us (in Ames), it would be a monster game for us. The players were ready to play. We played really well until from the 8:00 mark to the 3:00 mark. But it was a great win, the field house was awesome, and we needed a game like this. We needed to win a game like this to bring us together more. We played some talented individuals when you start talking about Vroman and Stinson and Sullivan and those guys.

"If you ask Aaron, heíll say that was a rough game for him because he made some really bad turnovers; some really bad ones in crunch time. But then youíre supposed to step up and make some plays, and he stepped up and made some plays late. We got so cautious, and heís one of them. But Iím proud of all our guys. We didnít make all of our free throws late, but we made a majority of the important ones. We didnít win the game going away, but we win the game if we rebound, and we didnít rebound a lick in the second half (23-35). They got 16 offensive rebounds in the 25 minutes of the second half, and Vroman certainly kicked our butts. But there are so many good things that happened with guys fighting and showing some courage, and Iím really pleased with them.

"Wayne delivered. He made a couple of huge plays. And of course Keithís three was as big a shot as weíve had all season. JR was terrific the first half. He couldnít really get it going as well the second half. A lot of good things happened. It would have been a miserable day if we hadnít won, but sometimes games like this really bring you together.

"Jeff did well. He got 12 rebounds. And David scored the ball. He had nine points, and we needed all of those. But you combine those two in 45 minutes; you get 15 points and 17 rebounds, which is pretty solid production from those two.

"Itís amazing to me that Iowa State hasnít won on the road. They beat Texas, then we saw them play Missouri the last game and Missouri shot the lights out to beat them by 12. Give them credit, they really played well today."

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