Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 77, Oregon 67
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I thought the first 12 minutes or so our first-shot defense was excellent. We just locked in and guarded them and took away the three, took away transition. And then we just fouled so much late in the half, that was their best offense was our fouling 35 feet from the basket. We did some good things defensively. The only thing we didnít do well was we didnít run down loose balls and we didnít rebound the ball defensively the first 25 minutes. After that I thought we did a better job of rebounding, but the law of percentages caught up and they started making some shots.

"J.R. came through. And Dub has practiced once since Stanford. Heís about 80%, but him at 80% is a lot better than most. That was a different Dub than weíve seen the last two games, because heís really been hurting. Apparently the time off did him some good, so weíre going to give him some more time off. And Aaron Miles had a great floor game, as well.

"We were flat to start the second half, and they whipped us the first six or seven minutes of the second half. Then we got on a roll there, and for about a seven minute stretch thatís about the best weíve played all year."

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