Coach Self's Post-Game Comments
after KU 85, Texas Christian 66
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"If you had told us before the game that weíd win by 19 away from home, of course youíd feel good about it. But that was a game in which I thought TCU totally outplayed us the first 25 minutes, then we took over down the stretch and played really pretty well that last 15 minutes. We werenít a very good team in the first half. All we did was make some shots is the only reason we were up one at halftime. We certainly didnít guard anybody, and they beat us to every loose ball, it seemed like.

"Our advantage was inside, but we couldnít handle their pressure. We havenít been able to simulate that in practice. We had inconsistent guard play. And weíre not going to be as good with Wayne and Keith on the bench. But there were a lot of good things that happened tonight. When you stop to think that Wayne Simien would have six, David Padgett would have three, Jeff Graves would have six, you would think weíd be in a lot of trouble. But Keith was unbelievable from the field. JR was terrific, and Iím really happy for Jeff Hawkins. He came out and was awesome tonight.

"We can shoot it. We shoot it good in practice just about every day, but we havenít shot it well yet. You know the lidís gonna come off sooner or later. The guys were aggressive, and our OER , Offensive Efficiency Rating, against the zone was really good. It wasnít because we ran great offense. The best zone offense is making shots, and we made a lot of shots.

"We didnít handle their perimeter pressure very well at all. We run things through our high post, and they denied the high post, and we got frazzled. Itís pretty disappointing, because we knew what they were going to do defensively, and we acted like we werenít prepared for it. The few times we did get high-lows or get the ball inside, we fumbled it around and didnít make plays. Our big guys didnít have their best game. And we can learn a valuable lesson. If you have a mis-match inside, pressure the heck out of the perimeter and hope they forget about the inside, and thatís exactly what TCU did to us tonight.

"David has played well, but David has plateaued a little bit, as all freshmen do. He was so high, and now he has plateaued just a little bit. But heíll come back, and what heíll do in the immediate future is take it back up even higher than he did the first time. But thatís the normal maturation process for freshmen.Ē

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