Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 89, Iowa State 74
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Over the course of the game we got good production out of all five of our starters. I think it was Jeff Gravesí best game since heís been at Kansas. I thought Aaron Miles was really good today. Keith was good. Nick was really good. Kirk struggled more than everybody else, but itís a pretty good line when you have 14 (pts) and five assists when you still struggle. But defensively I thought he was sensational. I donít think he gets enough credit for what he does on the defensive end of the floor.

Vroman was tough for us to handle from the get-go. I think he made their first two baskets. And I thought Jefferson played very well for them. On the perimeter, we tried to make it difficult for Jake (Sullivan) and Tim Barnes to get their shots, and I thought that Keith and Aaron and Kirk did some nice things that helped us out there.Ē

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