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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 105, Pennsylvania 59
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We were more into it tonight against a good basketball team that didn't have things go their way, and then it sort of snowballed on them. We were awfully good. We missed five of our last six shots, and still ended up shooting 58%. But I jumped on those guys there at the end a little bit. I said I'd like to be able to sit over here and say it's OK, but it's not. You're supposed to play your best.

"I'm really pleased for Eric Chenowith. I said on the call-in show the other night I was a little disappointed that people booed him. We don't do that at Kansas. He's trying as hard as he can and trying his best. Nobody wants him to play well more than he does. We brought him in today and had about a 25- or 30-minute session watching tape this morning. In fact, I told him he needed to start playing well because I was thinking in terms of maybe putting someone else in there (starting). But he's had three great practices. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were probably his three best back-to-back practices of the year. But Drew, who I thought about putting in there, stunk it up for two days. I about threw him out of practice, but he goes in there and he's sensational for us.

"I think the last six or eight minutes of the first half we were really good defensively, and then it stayed in the second half. They (Penn) were a little winded, I think, at halftime. They've been traveling back and forth across the country, we're running more people in and out, and I talked to the team that they looked like they were a little tired, and let's get after them at the start of the second half, and I think that's what we did.

"Drew was sensational for us. Eight for 12, and three of the four shots he missed he shouldn't have taken in the first place. We need for him to make better decisions out there, but that will come. Junior (Nick Collison) got in foul trouble, but came out and gave us good play in the second half when we really opened it up there. Jeff Boschee made two threes in a row, and we got good play from Kirk off the bench tonight, too, and I think that was important.

"(Only 12 turnovers for the game, three in the second half) was pleasing to us. You can say a lot of good things about a lot of people. I like what we were doing defensively, but let's not forget that the other team got a little winded, and that's a good basketball team. I have a great deal of respect for Fran (Dunphy, Penn coach), and I think we just had too many weapons for them.

"Colorado has played really well. They go to Hawaii and beat Villanova by 23. They play Hawaii the next game and lose by two, and we experienced that a couple of years ago when they kicked our tails when we were really good. Then they turn around and beat Gonzaga, who we all know has done a great job the last couple of years and beat UCLA at UCLA earlier this year. We know we're catching probably the best Colorado team in the last three or four years. I want them to enjoy this one tonight, and then relax a little bit. We gave them tomorrow off. We've been going two times a day for the past week; just shooting in the morning and then coming back and practicing at night. But we let the seniors vote in the locker room, and they voted to stay in bed tomorrow. Classes don't start until the 18th, so we've got a lot of good time where we'll practice a lot, work a lot."

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