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Roy Williams' comments
after Kansas 87, Missouri 60
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I've told them many times there's nothing that feels better than winning championships. No one in that locker room except for Mark Cairns and myself had ever cut down the nets over here. We talked about that a little bit before the game, and then repeated it at halftime. And I think they came over here focued to play. We played very well yesterday; we were so good defensively. And today the last 12 minutes or so of the first half we were so good offensively. It was a complete game and one we're very pleased with. We were able to get the ball off the boards, because we still were playing well defensively, and they were missing some shots. That enabled us to get our break going. We were able to go down the court and get the kind of shots we wanted. Scot and Raef were getting the ball inside and doing something with it. Paul was making his jump shot. Jacque was making his jump shot. And when we're able to run like that and get something out of our half-court offense, then I think it's very difficult to play us, because we've got more than one or two guys who can score.

"At the start of the second half, Paul was our offense for three or four minutes there, but he made every shot and got a run going. Jacque gave him the basketball, we rebounded the ball, Jerod was sensational again defensively. I think Jacque's passing, Raef's inside scoring, Paul's mid-range scoring... you can go on and on, but those three guys really did something.

"Evidently Jacque felt it was better to pass the ball (he didn't take a shot in the second half), but he was sensational, and I thought it was very fitting that he and Raef both made the all-tournament team. I told Paul I thought he should have mad the all-tournament team and tournament MVP in Maui, and I think this one made up for that today.

"We played more zone today than we normally do, just to protect our legs a little, and also to try to keep Missouri off the free throw line, because they just make a living on the free throw line. That was a huge factor when they beat us over at their place, and it's been a huge factor for them here.

"At the same time I know we didn't catch Missouri on their best day. We caught them playing four days in a row, and when we started running up and down the court it was a little more difficult for them to get back."

MU coach Norm Stewart - "I think they're going to be a great #1 seed, and they have a great chance to win it all. If they play like they have the last two days, it will take one hell of a ballgame (to beat them).

"LaFrentz and Vaughn could've thrown a bb through a damn Lifesave. That first ten minutes of the second half, (the Jayhawks) were really strumming.

"We go three steps of the way (toward an NCAA berth). But I told our guys to get through that door, there was a hell of a big dog there."

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