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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 85, Colorado 70
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "It was not a pleasant halftime for me, it was not a pleasant first half for me, and it was a frustrating, at times, second half. But the second half defensively we came out and were really god early. Then we started getting the ball to the basket and getting better shots and making some of them. The first 10 minutes of the second half we were pretty doggone good. But it was also one of the the most frustrating games I've ever coached in Allen Fieldhouse, too. I was not a nice person at halftime, wasn't very good lookin', wasn't very pleasant. It was a sorry performance probably for the coach at halftime.

"I put TJ Whatley in (with about 5:00 to go in the first half), because I was ticked off. And this is not cut on TJ because I love him to death, but we had a couple of guys in there who've got a lot more ability and just, by golly, weren't playing hard and weren't tyring. And then all of a sudden he (Whatley) runs around defending the post, and they throw it out of bounds. Then he runs the floor, and we get a layup. And we've got guys with more ability sitting over there thinking things are supposed to be easy all the time, and in the league it's not. You've gotta be willing to work through some tough times, and in this league, with the type of players we have, it's not gonna come easy every night.

"We did a much better job on the backboards in the seocond half. We just had trouble putting the ball in the basket tonight. I was very concerned about our confidence, very concerned about how tight we would be. We lost Saturday, and then everybody thinks coming home it's easy; it's not easy. And in some ways you have more pressure at home. And one way maybe you can get through it is the crowd can help you get through it. And I thought our crowd was really good tonight, and we need 'em to be even better next week. But we were too tight. Jerod was tight;, .sht">Paul was tight; Billy was tight; everybody was tight. But the only things we lost Saturday was a basketball game, and the sun came up on Sunday morning. I still loved 'em, most the time. They may have loved me some of the time. But we were too tight and too concerned about the outcome instead of just playing. I think that was the whole problem: we were worried about what might happen instead of just losing ourself in the game and playing basketball.

"I think Ricardo's (Patton) done a good job. You're playing against a team that has three outstanding players, and the oher guys on the floor compliment them very well. They play really hard on the defensive end, too.

"Iowa State is a heck of a basketball team, but it's not supposed to be easy. Nobody's supposed to roll over and play dead for you, and they'll be ready for us coming up there Saturday, and hopefully we'll play well, too."

CU interim coach Ricardo Patton - "We have to play smart, play hard, and play together. We did two of those three things. I don't think we played smart.

"Chauncey struggled. They double-teamed him a lot and tried to make other players make plays.

"I still believe we're capable of beating Kansas. I think when they all show up on the same night and do those three things, this team is capable of beating any team."

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