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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 72, Oklahoma 66
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "I said before the season even started that in this league you'd better be ready to play every night regardless of where you're playing. Just because you're playing at home doesn't mean it's a given. I think Oklahoma was mad (after two straight loses), and they played like it. Particularly in the second half they were just dominating their offensive board, and that was killing us. In five possessions we got 'em to miss their first shot. And in four of those five possessions they got offensive rebounds and scored. And twice on the second possession we fouled 'em, they miss the free throw, and Ryan (Minor) still got the rebound and scored.

"So they dominated the backboards in the second half, but we dominated the backboards in the first half. We were really good. We outrebounded them 32-19 in the first half, and Raef and Scot and BJ were really doing some good things, then in the second half we got a little tentative, and you can't do that against that kind of club.

"I thought Jacque gave us the leadership again with 11 assists. He had a couple of turnovers that were a little crazy. I thought he threw one out of the fieldhouse one time trying to throw it to Paul. And I'll tell you who else I thought was really good tonight, and that was Jerod Haase. Jerod guarded Ryan, and I would bet out of Ryan's 22 points, that Jerod probably was guarding him when he got six or eight.

"Ryan (Minor) didn't take any bad shots. You can talk about him shooting only 38 percent, but he was seven for 13 tonight, and we tried to do a very good job of guarding him. But he's a fantastic player, and he really caused us problems. And the other one who caused us problems was Foster, making those threes.

"Three out of our first four conference games on the road is a tough way to start. A lot of coaches don't like the way they start or whatever, but you've got to play 14 times. You've got to play seven at home and gotta play everybody else at their place. And wherever it falls we're gonna play it and see what happens."

OU coach Kelvin Sampson - "That's the best I've seen (Ryan Minor) play this year. He's had more points, but for running the offense and playing relaxed, that's the best he's been. He's a great kid, never says no. He's always ready to do something for somebody, but you can't be something to everybody. You have to be what you are. Ryan can't score 40 points every night. I think he was trying to be something he couldn't be, and that's Superman.

"In retrospect losing Ernie Abercrombie (to foul trouble in the first half) was the turning point. I remember Haase got an offensive rebound, and Pollard got a stickback, and I was thinking, 'We missed Ernie in there.' He makes us better, and we missed him down the stretch."

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