Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 82, Kansas State 64

courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Kirk Hinrich was absolutely sensational. Itís amazing that one guy can give so much strength to everybody else. He played well, yet everybody was getting their strength from him. Heís going in there, thereís a lot of contact, and heís still hanging and making the baskets, making big threes, even. At the end we had it about point blank range three times and missed it, it comes back out to him, and he makes a three. Heís just so tough a competitor; as good as Iíve ever had.

"When we got in foul trouble, we went to those little guys, and boy did they just compete their tails off. At halftime I told my staff, I probably just coached the dumbest half Iíve ever coached. We tried to stay zone in the first half to stay out of foul trouble. We had three starters with two fouls with 9:00 to go, and I thought weíd buy some time with the zone. K-Stateís averaging a little less than seven three-pointers per game this entire season, and they made seven in the first half. It doesnít do you any good to play zone or man or anything if youíre not gonna play, and we did a poor job of playing the zone. Yet we got it to halftime with all three guys still with just two fouls. I told the guys I didnít mind being behind, but itís how we played in the last 20 minutes. It did bother me when Nick got his fourth foul, because I thought he was doing some nice things and starting to come alive. But you canít say anything against Bryant Nash, Michael Lee, those guys coming in and giving us the big help that they did. One of Jeff Gravesí better games today. He gave in a little bit to being tired down the stretch. And Aaron Miles, made a big three, and thereís nobody Iíve ever coached that gets more criticism than Aaron Miles.

"We just had a good stretch there where we were getting turnovers and we were running. We were attacking and getting some layups. I donít know what we shot in the second half, but it felt like it was pretty good. Fifty-four percent. Fifty-three for the game.

"The first half, they (KSU) were 7-13 (in threes). You donít expect people to do that, even standing out there by themselves, necessarily. But they made some big shots, and I challenged our guys at halftime, and the tempo of the game changed in our favor in the second half.

"Their kids were fighting like crazy. The first half I was really impressed with their team, and I think that Jimmy has really done a great job. His team is hard to play.Ē

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