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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 84, Kansas State 60
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "We got off to such a great start. Early, we got the ball inside a couple of times and made the baskets. We got a couple of steals and got our break going. Then all of a sudden Jeff started getting open and made every shot he looked at. He missed his first three, made seven (threes) in a row, and I took him out of the game because he missed his layup. But that was basically the basketball game right there, because we were up 27 at the half.

"I liked the way we played starting the second half. From about the 13:00 mark down to the 6:00 mark, I thought they had much better effort than we had. That's when they cut it from about 37 down to 24 or 25. At one point they were just so much more active than we were. But when you have that big a lead, it's hard to maintain your concentration. The goal in the second half was to get a lot of people a lot of playing time so we could do some things both physically and mentally, but not be tired in either direction.

"We should be fresh. We shot the ball in the hole today, we defended, and did some really nice things for maybe 32 or 33 minutes of the game."

KSU coach Tom Asbury - "Yesterday at the press conference, I answered every question that I can or will answer regarding my future. So I don't see any reason to be redundant with regard to asking questions along those lines, about my future and whether I'll be here. That is probably a waste of time.

"I wish we had gotten out and defended the three better. I wish we hadn't turned it over 23 times. I wish this and that. But that's obviously the coaching.

"They're big and they're deep, and that's a dangerous combination. But you look down at the three-point - 11 for 21 - and that pretty much spells your doom, in addition to 23 turnovers. Seven assists, 23 turnovers. Their defense just took us out of what we wanted to do."

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