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Coach Williams' postgame comments
after Kansas 88, Rice 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I think we moved ahead, but at the same time you've got to have certain games where it's a workmanlike effort, and it wasn't as pretty tonight, to say the least. We got a great run in the last four minutes of the first half, and I think that sort of did the game right there.

"In the second half we were trying to hold things together and trying to get better. I don't think we advanced as much as I would like, but give Rice credit. They had a game plan, knew how they wanted to play regardless of what we did. We tried to make them turn it over and didn't do a very good job of getting them to turn it over. That's either their good play or our poor defensive pressure, and I hope it's their good play because we've got to be able to pressure people defensively better than we did.

"Again, I like our work on the backboards. We had three guys in double figures there, and that's impressive. I like Ryan Robertson's 10 assists and one turnover. Those kind of things can help you win.

"We got some long looks at a zone defense tonight, and I knew that coming in and felt like that would be helpful to us. We were pretty effective against it, really. But a lot of that was that last stretch before the half, and that was our best basketball of the night, too.

"We're not acting like it's the middle of the season because we're not going to take it easy tomorrow. We're going to work hard tomorrow, and we need to."

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