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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 87, Baylor 68
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "It was another good win on the road. We like to play both places. We like to play at home and play well. We like to play on the road and play well there, too. I think this team is starting to take a little bit of challenge to playing on the road. Baylor was fired up--the largest crowd they've ever had. It was a great crowd, a great environment, and I really do think we did some nice things.

"I think we did a much better job rebounding in the second half. The first half, the way we keep it, they had nine more possessions than we did, and you can't beat teams if you do that. But we boxed out much better in the second half and had two really good runs.

"Paul, Raef, and Scot were all in double figures in rebouding, and that's something we need to have. We don't need to turn the basketball over. This may have been the worst game I've ever has as far as the assists-to-errors ratio. But you've got to give the Baylor defense some credit. They were doing a good job.

"(Pollard has) an ankle sprain. We don't know yet how serious it is, probably be one of those things we won't know until tomorrow.

"It was good that we had good shots, and especially in the second half we really did get it inside well and missed some inside. But if you have that many turnovers that's really bad, too."

BU coach Harry Miller - "They test you in a lot of ways. They probe so many areas. They'll probe looking for weaknesses. And when they find it, in goes the dagger.

"We shot so poorly. It's unlike us to shoot that bad from the three-point line. Normally we knock down more shots than that, and we had mostly good looks, too. If we'd made a decent percentage of those shots, it might have helped us open up the inside.

"It was like a mosquito bouncing off an elephant in there most of the time.

"Quite honestly for about 23 minutes we were as good as Kansas. But that other 17 minutes is why we were in trouble."

Scot Pollard - (on his ankle) "It scared the crap out of me. I've never turned an ankle that popped before. Upon diagnosis it's a healthy baby boy. I could have gone back in tonight. It was tender and is still tender, but it's fine."

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