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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 116, Australia Victorian 44
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "We've got better players, and we've got more of them. And catching them on the end of their trip, they didn't have the energy they needed to come in and play us. It got out of hand pretty quickly.

"We had some kids do some nice things. We didn't get a couple of things accomplished that I wanted to just because of the score of the game. But the kids think it was better than a practice, so we've got to be positive and act like it was, whether I think it was or not.

"I really think we've improved since our first exhibition game in practice. I don't know that it showed up tonight, but I've been very pleased with our practices. The last five practices, four of them I've really congratulated the kids on what they've done during that practice, and we've reallly gotten a lot of work in. It's a group already that I don't have to say much about effort, and that makes it nice as a coach.

"Scot Pollard was really something on the backboards. Raef did a much better job in the second half on the backboards. We did a better job of controlling the basketball. We didn't do a real good job of getting off on the weak side and helping. That's the reason they got a couple of backdoor layups off of us, but I was pleased with several things. I wanted to get a better look at the execution, but we didn't get much of a chance to do that. We shot the ball much better this game than we did the first game.

"I talked to the team after the game, and we're down to four days now And it's gotta be four great days of practice. People in this area still don't have a clue as to how good Utah is (#10). In Keith Van Horn we're gonna play one of the kids who will be just about as talented as anybody we're gonna play all year. He was player of the year in the WAC last year, would be a top 15 draft choice if he were to come out this year. Brandon Jesse will be a number one draft choice. Rick Majeris does a great job. They guard you, and it's not something where they just play matador defense: they really do guard you. We understand that. He's a good coach, and they're a quality basketball team. They won something like 14 in a row down the stretch in their conference race and into the tournament. But they're an outstanding basketball, team and we've got to play a lot better."

All-Stars coach Terry Kealy - "That is as good of a college team as I've seen in 30 years. (Because of) the facade of the team, the way they play together, their mobility and the coaching, that's as good a team as I've seen.

"They are 15 points better than UCLA was when they won the national title last year.

"I thought we played poorly. We shot the ball poorly. Sometimes it's tough against a team that provides that much pressure all game. They come in and bury you whenever your mistakes occur.

"They definitely raised the tempo of the game. They made us take the three a little too quickly, made us shoot a little too quick, and we didn't score.

"This team is a young team, and it only has one NBA (caliber) player. But this is the first time that we have ever lost by much more than 10 points. Memphis was ranked 12th in the country, and we led them for 37 minutes.

"I'm going to bring a team of animals in here next year. I'm going to bring a team in here that will eat raw meat. maybe then we'll get some rebounds."

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