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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 101, Furman 60
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We had practice last night, and I told them human nature is to listen to what everybody else is saying, and everybody on campus and around town is going to be talking about the Indiana game. But we do have another game that we play before then, and we needed their attention, we needed their concentration and effort. I think our kids understood that there was another game, and we had to play this game first.

"I've said all along I think we're a good shooting team. We got off to a bad start as far as the field goal percentage for the year, but I think we've got good shooters. We've got to have the right shooters shooting the ball.

"I think we got a lot off our defense, even though we didn't made them turn it over. In fact, in the first half we had one more turnover than they did.

"I expected a good night from Steve Woodbery tonight. We'll have to wait and see if Steve is on Damon Bailey Wednesday night. If you look at it, he's the perimeter player that's been the best offensive player, and Steve's gotten that assignment in about every game. I don't know who Indiana will start, and I haven't looked at their stats, and I haven't looked at their starting lineup, I haven't looked at their tapes, but I've got a feeling I'll look at one tonight.

"I told Robert Reed he's the only guy I've ever seen, the first time he steps on the court in Allen Fieldhouse and touches the ball he shoots it. He told me he could shoot, and I thanked him in the locker room and told him I wanted him to answer the next part of the question, could he make?

"Robert's a young man who came to me and said he wanted to play. I told him to go check with coach Mason to make sure that was all right. He did and he came back and has been very serious about it. He's been practicing with us since Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. Seems to be a really pleasant youngster. He's got quick feet and quick hands, and I do believe he can shoot the basketball.

"What we're trying to do is give it a couple of weeks, then both of us sit down together and make a decison of does he want to continue or does he just want to have two good weeks of fun, or whatever. But he really seems to be a nice kid, and he doesn't seem to mind running through those screens.

"I've always said that if it's all right with coach Mason, if those guys want to come out I want them to come talk to me, but I want them to find out from him first if that's all right. Robert's the guy who followed through on it, so he's the guy doing it. I don't want to have 71 guys in the office tomorrow morning, because I think we're completed right now, but a couple of guys always say those kind of things. Hopefully Robert will be able to stick with us.

"I think the Indiana game will be an excellent basketball game. When you talk about tradition and history and the best college basketball programs in the country, I think Kansas and Indiana are two of the programs that have to be talked about. If you take Coach Smith out of the mix, there's no one in college basketball that I have more respect for than I do Coach Knight. And also, if you take away Coach Smith, I've probably stolen more things from Coach Knight than I have anybody else. I have such repect for him, but also Damon Bailey, Alan Hnderson, Pat Graham. Those are the guys that I'm worried about. Coach Knight doesn't get to play. I'll play him in golf; he can probably handle me in basketball."

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