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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 76, Baylor 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played very poorly the last five minutes of the first half, and we didnít play with any energy all night long. This was the worst outing weíve had from an energy standpoint in quite some time. But I expected it. A sandwich game and we had a distraction, obviously, with Jeff. We really didnít get out and get after them like we could. Russell is all nicked up, and it would have been nice to rest him some tonight, but we couldnít. All in all it was a win, and there were some good things that happened tonight. Julian was good, and C.J. and Darnell were both very good. We need our big guys getting some confidence.

"Sasha played fine, but heís got to make some free throws. One-of-six from the line is the same as turnovers. But Julian got us some easy baskets and scored the ball well. Of course, he had five turnovers. I didnít think he played great, but he did offensively when he shot the ball. And C.J. and Darnell gave us some good minutes. Our perimeter play tonight between Russell and Mario and Brandon was probably a notch below what it has been. We didnít seem like we had as much energy or was into it as much, and I didnít think we got into it and got after them defensively the same as the other teams weíve played thus far.

"When youíre behind by 20 or 25, the basket gets a little bit bigger, and they made a lot of threes there late (9-14 in 2nd half). Some of them were defended fairly well, and a couple of them werenít. They had about 35 points with about eight minutes left, and they scored about 20 in the last eight minutes because they just started shooting threes.

"(Jeff Hawkins) was involved in an incident, and the incident is not the problem. He was involved in a little bit of a fender bender, a minor collision, no injuries, but it was a wreck by law. And Jeff didnít act responsibly after the wreck occurred. And thatís it. There was no alcohol involved. Nothing like that. But the fact of the matter is, he represented a lot more than himself, and he handled the situation in a way that a 23-year-old young man should not handle it. Thatís the reason he sat tonight. Jeff and I will meet again tomorrow, and Iíll put some stipulations on him in addition to him sitting tonight. He is totally embarrassed by this, and he deserves to be embarrassed by this. Hopefully we can put this behind us, and he wonít be a distraction the rest of the season.

"(Texas) is a big game. Itís a big game for both teams. Itís not a winner-take-all game. I told our guys that. But the winner is definitely going to be in the catbird seat to maybe win it outright or at least share it, because there are going to be two tough games left for both teams. We practiced good yesterday, then played very poorly tonight. Weíll take a day off tomorrow and hopefully get our batteries re-charged. I know the guys will be excited to play. But weíre going to have to go down there and play with poise. The last time we had a really big game with national implications, we stunk for 32 minutes against Oklahoma because we were too uptight. They need to go down there with poise and with a mind-set that weíve got a job to do. But these guys have responded, for the most part, to the challenges theyíve had."

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