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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 88, Iowa State 75
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I worried because I knew that Stinson and Blaylock love playing here. We told our guys before the game that theyíd give a great effort here today. Our assistant coaches said that was the most focused group thatís been in here warming up, and they got off to an 8-1 start. We played miserably early, and then got into a groove and went on a 46-24 run. But we still didnít play great. We still didnít guard them, in my opinion, the whole game. You allow a team to shoot 46 percent, and the way we take pride in our defense, that isnít really guarding them. But we rebounded the ball well and we made our free throws, which was huge.

"C.J. did a good job coming in there. Our bench was really good. Darnell was really good. Hawk was good. I thought Christian and Jeremy gave us some good minutes. Russell was solid. Those freshmen combined for 52 points, 23 rebounds, and 11 assists. And I was on Mario early because I didnít think his head was into it at all, then he showed me, which is good. Thatís what good players are supposed to do. He played great the second half.

"Iowa State is one of the most talented teams weíll play. Their perimeter is unbelievably talented, and their big guys shot the ball well tonight. But we did good. The crowd was good. It was a good afternoon, and it sets up what is a most pivotal game Monday in Stillwater. Last time we went down there, it was quite a homecoming. Iíd already gotten a technical foul and called four timeouts by the 16:00 mark. Hopefully that wonít be the case this time.

"Weíve obviously lost a couple of games by not making free throws when the gameís on the line, especially with a lead. But guys stepped up and made them. And we had just enough distance the whole time that, even though they cut it to four, we didnít really feel like we were in serious jeopardy the last five or six minutes. Those young kids really played today.

"A double technical foul. A lot to do about nothing. Taggert had already fouled out. It didnít count against him. It gave C.J. his third foul, so that wasnít a factor. There were no free throws exchanged. I think that was just the way the officials tried to get control of it, so they called something. But tempers were flaring, but when Blaylock got Russell pretty good going out of bounds, thatís when youíre supposed to bow up. Iíd be disappointed in my guys if they didnít stand up for each other under certain situations. Nobody ever needs to throw a punch, but that bothers me when guys donít stand up for each other, and our guys did that today.

"They like each other, and they like playing together. This was a tougher game last year and the year before. These guys are playmakers. And when you play a team that traps and spreads the floor, you need guys to get in there and make plays. We hung about 50 on these guys last year before it went overtime, in our own building. We just scored so much easier (today) because I feel like weíve got some guys who can get in there and get their noses dirty and make plays, and theyíre sure fun to watch when they play well."

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