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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 59, Oklahoma 58
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"It could have been better if we had played better, but I think teams have to learn how to win when they don’t play well, and we were miserable the first 30 minutes. You can count on one hand the number of good possessions, and the rotations weren’t great, but the guys just hung in there. And give the crowd a lot of credit. Oh, was the crowd good. It reminded me of the Georgia Tech game last year. We just played bad and labored and labored and labored, and they controlled the game until we got it down to about seven, then we got some key stops. Brandon did a great job on Everett at the end.

"Fifty to thirty-four, and we were dead. We were just about dead, but the guys didn’t quit. A bunch of young kids out there battling, not playing well, but just coming back. You’ve just got to play to win, and Mario had the roughest outing he’s had since the Cal game, and who makes the play to win the game? Mario Chalmers offensively. The guys battled hard. I couldn’t be any happier or prouder because teams have to learn how to win ugly sometimes, and certainly we did that today.

"Brandon got poked in the eye to start the game, and he had blurred vision the entire half, and maybe the entire game, but he had to play. C.J. was great. Sasha can talk about CJ and talk about himself, but those two guys played to their size today, even though they didn’t score a lot of points. I think they combined for nine points, but they played to their size. Taj Gray got ten offensive rebounds because we were trapping the post, and that forces rotation. But we did a good job on him, six of 17. We did a good job on Bookout. And we did a real good job on Terrell Everett in the second half.

"We talked to our guys and told them, ‘They’ve got the possession arrow. Do not let them tie you up.’ OU did a good job of getting in there and tying him up. It wasn’t Brandon’s fault. If he just would have batted it to half court or anything, we would have won the game there. It’s a good thing we had a foul to give. We told them if it was close to make sure they fouled before they got into their (shooting) motion. We did a good job on that. It was a great foul.

"We put CJ on the ball (on final throw-in) to take away the throw to the rim, or at least try to, because that’s what they tried to do the time before. Russell didn’t do a great job on Neal on that play, because he got off a look. It wasn’t a great look, but it was a look. We thought they’d throw the ball to the basket, but fortunately for us they threw the ball to the outside, and he missed.

"Our chances of having a good next eight days were certainly enhanced the way we played the last seven minutes today. But the next eight days will determine whether or not we have a shot at this thing. We’ve just got to take them one at a time. Nebraska wasn’t very good when they played us, and they’re 5-3 in the league and tied for fourth place, I believe. We’ll play a good Husker team, and Iowa State will be a lot better than they played up there. They always are here."

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