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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas State 59, Kansas 55
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Give them credit, they came in here and beat us. We can talk about us playing poorly and all those things, which is accurate, but they had a lot to do with that. We had a chance to crack it in the first half and didnít take advantage of it. Then we go up 12 in the second half and jack around. These young guys havenít been in that many close games. They went zone and the pressure starting mounting, and we attacked their zone miserably. Guys were open, but we certainly attacked it miserably. Very disappointing, because weíre a better team than what we played today. I donít want to blame it just on our ineptness because I thought K-State played very well.

"They didnít have many droughts the second half. The first half they did. Itís 26-18 at halftime, and if we had played a lick the last four minutes it would have been 34- or 36-18, and put them in a tough position to come back. Then the pressure mounted. The pressure is usually on the home team in a situation like that. Theyíre playing with nothing to lose and weíre playing like weíre trying to protect something. We didnít make plays down the stretch, and we didnít do a good job of getting guys in a position to make plays. We make them look like they had a world-class flex offense in the second half, and they were. We did a poor job there, and that contributed to them shooting the ball so well.

"Mario did some good things. I canít get too excited about anybody when you lose, but Mario did some good things. He played a lot of minutes, did a good job dictating tempo midway through the first half. But we had some guys really struggle today. Other than Sasha, weíre not getting, any, any points in the post at all, and that should be a strength of our team, but obviously itís not.

"It would be a lot easier to go to Missouri and play great if you had left Lawrence with some momentum. But if Iím not mistaken, K-State didnít play very well against Nebraska, and they came over here and kicked our butts, so weíll have to do the same thing and have that same mind-set going to Columbia.Ē

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