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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 63, Pepperdine 43
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We played great the first nine minutes. We really shared the ball. Then we went through a stretch when we played, well, selfish is probably a little strong, but we looked like we were out there on an island. The first nine minutes we shared the ball. After that, everybody wanted to do their own deal.

"When you have stretches like that (five minute scoring drought in first half), you don’t just turn it around sometimes and get it right back, and we didn’t get it back. We didn’t get it back the rest of the game. We labored to score. We got the ball where we wanted to get it, and guys started pressing. We missed some easy shots, and then we were miserable from the free throw line early on, and that contributed to the problems. The first half we had 33 points and we should have had 45 with as many free throws and easy shots as we missed. Then we continued that trend in the second half.

"The defense wasn’t bad. We did some good things. But we still have a long way to go. Freshmen have to become sophomores here pretty quick. We’ve got to have all four playing at a level to help our team win instead of doing things to help themselves. And obviously I didn’t think that was the case tonight in the first half.

"When your starting guards have four assists and nine turnovers, that’s a bad sign. Hawk was sick. He got the flu yesterday. CJ’s got the flu, and he didn’t have as good a game. Other than that, there were no excuses. Sasha had a good ball game. He should have been able to get 20 tonight based on the touches he got in tight. He missed a lot of them. But I thought he did some good things. And it was good to see him step up and make his free throws.

"We tried to run, and we had numerous opportunities to run based on as many missed shots as there were. But we need Brandon in the game more, and we need guys understanding that with this team, we’re not a one-on-one ball club. We’ve got to move the ball, make the defense break down, and then attack it. We’re always looking to beat our man, but just coming down and not utilizing the court and not utilizing our big guys led to some poor possessions for us offensively.

"(Mario) did some good things. You can talk to him and ask him. I’m not doing cartwheels over how anybody played. They’ve all got a lot to learn.

"We just didn’t share it tonight after the first ten minutes, from my perspective. The ball stuck in our hands. But we’ll get better. Defensively we’re getting better. But to win games on the road in our league, there’s going to be some games, unfortunately, in the 60s or the 50s, and those are the games when you have to grind it out, so maybe tonight will help prepare us for those types of games."

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