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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 90, Idaho State 66
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We did some good things. We forced 18 turnovers in the first half and only scored 42 points. We could have easily hung 55 in the first half if we had finished in transition or if we had made any threes. But I thought our guys played hard and I thought we did a pretty good job. We got a little stale there in the second half. Sasha was fabulous. He’s really improved. His free throws got better. I was pleased with how those guys played. We need to have Brandon and Russell and C.J. and Hawk all, probably, a little more aggressive offensively. But Sasha carried us for a stretch tonight, no doubt about that.

"They weren’t tired tonight. They got after them. They got after them in the first half. We only forced six turnovers in the second half, so that obviously wasn’t very good. They got comfortable a little bit in the second half and started raining in some shots; made some hard shots. They’ve (Idaho State) got a pretty good team. They have three good players. They’re going to be a lot better this year. We don’t want to get too excited over this, but there were a lot of good things that happened tonight, and certainly we can take some things from it. But we’ve got to get our perimeter shooting the ball better, and we’ve got to get them thinking ‘attack’ the whole time. And we’ve got to get our big guys posting a little stronger, especially CJ.

"We had a size advantage, and our guards did a real good job, for the most part, getting to the paint. We’ve made that a point of emphasis, and they were much better doing that.

"Some things you can control and some things you can’t. I think our shot selection on our long-range shooting was above average, not great. But these guys are good enough shooters to make shots. Jeremy and Stephen get in there and go 0-4 in seven minutes in the first half, and you can’t expect those guys to just come in cold and drill shots. But when it goes on, we’ve got to be more aggressive, and I’m disappointed that Brandon wasn’t aggressive offensively. He didn’t even put himself in a position to shoot a three tonight. But we’ll get better, and certainly we’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the basketball.

"I’m excited about our team. I love the guys. We’re gonna get better. Certainly we’re not where we need to be yet. We’re going to have to grow up fast before we play the (Arizona) Wildcats on Monday. I know Arizona is looking forward to this, and has been for a while. One good thing, we were able to get through the game and not show anything. So hopefully we can steal a couple of baskets against the Wildcats because they haven’t seen what’s getting ready to happen. At least offensively."

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