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Bill Self KU and Career Won-Lost Record AY2021-22

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2 weeks 6 days ago - 2 weeks 2 days ago #26888 by HawkErrant

The AY2020-21 Final report is the starting point for the AY2021-22 tracking thread. Last season's thread can be found here.

Bill's starting point for AY2021-22:
Phog -68 and counting for winningest KU Head Coach ever.
Phog -17 and counting to tie Phog in total Career wins by a KU coach (should pass in AY2021-22).
  as KU HC   NAME       (W-L%)   CAREER  (W-L%)
1. 590-219   Phog Allen (.729)   746-264 (.739)
2. 522-118   BILL SELF  (.816)   729-223 (.766)
   68 = Wins to tie Phog as winningest Head Coach in KANSAS history.
   17 = Wins to tie Phog as 2nd winningest KANSAS Head Coach for TOTAL CAREER.

Allowing that Bill passes Phog's Career totals in AY2021-22, he will still be just the 2nd winningest men's basketball coach to ever coach at KANSAS.

Roy only stayed at KU long enough to record a 418-101 KANSAS record, but he went on to pass Phog in Career wins with his other team as they won the NC in 2009.

Roy (who turns 71 in August) retired April 1, 2021 with a career record of 903-264 (.774) after 33 seasons coaching KU (15 years , 418-101, .805) and the tarred ones (18 years, 485-163, .748).

Bill (who turns 59 in December) after 28 seasons still has a long way to go -- 174 more wins -- to catch and pass him in total career wins and be the winningest head coach ever to coach at KANSAS.

Back to and closing with Bill passing Phog -- assuming a return to 31 game seasons and two consecutive incredible seasons for the Jayhawks, Bill could mathematically pass Phog in two years, i.e., at the end of the AY2022-23 postseason, but winning 68 games in two consecutive seasons is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Self has had back-to back seasons totally 68 or more wins twice.

70 wins AY2006-07 and AY2007-08
68 wins AY2009-10 and AY2010-11
67 wins AY2010-11 and AY2011-12
64 wins (a) AY2007-08 and AY 2008-09 (b) AY2015-16 and AY2016-17
63 wins AY2011-12 and AY2012-13
62 wins AY2016-17 and AY2017-18

Until the NCAA case is settled the prospects for future KU teams doing so well are nowhere near rosy, but the new lifetime contract should have a positive impact on recruiting.

Given the above, and allowing Self’s teams averaging 25 wins a year for the next 3 years, my "Pass Year" projection for Bill passing Phog is AY2023-24.

May he beat that projection!

How much longer will Bill Self coach?

KC Star: KU coach Bill Self addresses NBA rumors: ‘I look forward to being here for a long time’ by Sam Mellinger.


KUSports.com - Tait: Kansas basketball coach Bill Self signs lifetime contract extension with KU (2021-04-02)

AY2020-21 final record was 21-9

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