Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Syracuse 81, Kansas 78
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"This is one of those times that I feel so inadequate as a coach and so inadequate as a person because thereís nothing I can say to change the way my kids feel. And thereís nothing they can say to change the way I feel. But Iím extremely proud of my basketball team. For Syracuse to come out and make ten out of 13 threes in the first half, and for us to be down like we were, and they got back in the game but just never could get back over the hump, is something that Iíll never forget. Iíve never been one to like moral victories, and I donít like this one, but I love the competitiveness of my kids. I love the way that they fought until the very end. Things didnít look good a lot of times during that game, but they never quit playing. Thatís what college athletics is supposed to be all about.

"As much as I hurt right now because of the loss, I hurt even more because Iím not going to be able to coach Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison anymore. As much as I hurt right now, and I told him this after the game, Iím happy for Jimmy Boeheim. I think over so many years he hasnít gotten the respect he deserves, and I really am happy that I think heíll get more of it now. I hate that it was at our expense, thereís no question about that, but all you can do in college athletics is do the absolute best that you can. We didnít make some shots, we didnít block every shot that they shot, we didnít play our best game of the year by any means. But if you ever have a chance to work with somebody and care about somebody as much as I have these kids, youíre going to be really a lucky person. And even though Iím in the wrong locker room, I really feel like Iím an awfully lucky person."

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