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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 86, Texas Tech 77
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "The first half was the first time this year that I think we really lost our poise. It was the ugliest basketball half we've played. We've been down a couple of other times, but haven't played like that. But give Texas Tech credit, because they forced the tempo. They beat us to death on the backboards. They guarded us. They beat us to the basket. They got offensive rebounds. We didn't. So it was just a total breakdown of everything we were trying to do in the first half. Every time we'd run a set play, somebody was screwing it up. And every time they'd get the basketball, on defense somebody failed to do their job. Then in the second half it was just the oposite of that, with the exception of the first five or six minutes. We still didn't get the offensive boards covered. But after that first five or six minutes, I thought it was two things. Our work on the offensive backboards and defensively we did get some loose balls, and we got some steals, and that helped get our break going.

"There wasn't many (starters) who deserved to be out there on the court in the first half, the way we were playing. It just goes back to, do what we ask you to do. We've had some good comebacks, but this was the best. That's a heck of a team we were playing and on their home court. This is a great college basketball atmosphere. We feel lucky. We really do.

"(Pierce) had a lot of energy left (in the second half), because he didn't do anything in the first half. He was in foul trouble and hadn't played very well, too. So when you add both of those together.... And I thought defensively he was better, but more of it was his work on the offensive boards.

"I hope (comebacks like this one) make them feel like we have it to dig deep, but I don't want us to rely on that. I want us to play from the first moment all the way through. And if you do that over the course of the game, you don't get in those situations."

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