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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 76, Oklahoma State 61
courtesy of Jack Alden

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Roy Williams - "I thought early in the second half we were sensational. We struggled in the middle of the first half. We got stuck on 11 for a long, long time. We played pretty well the last part of the first half, went in with a two-point lead and felt pretty good about it. We hadn't shot the ball very well. We had guarded pretty well, but we hadn't kept them off the offensive boards. They had 11 points on offensive rebounds. So the plan in the second half was to get better shots, try to keep them off the boards. I think four of the first five possessions in the second half we came in and got a dead layup. I think if you execut like that, then that gave us a little bit of a working margin. After that, half the game was pretty ugly.

"Our big guys dominated early in the second half. Hopefully, that's our emphasis all year long. I still say you want the ball inside, because you can get other people in foul trouble and have a chance to score from close range. Then that will open up the three-point shots a little more. We didn't make many three pointers. We didn't take many, and I like their mixture tonight. We shot 65 percent in the second half, 17 for 26, and if you do that you're gonna win.

"We played a lot of zone tonight, because playing down here you gotta try (unreadable). They'd beaten us here two years in a row. We still believe in our man-to-man, but Edde's (Sutton) club doesn't shoot it as well as I think he'd like, so we thought that might help us a little bit. And then we wanted to make sure we stayed out of foul trouble, because we felt we had a size advantage. So we thought they were trying to drive us to the basket. It appeared to me that Roberts and Lambert were trying to take our big guys to the basket, so we thought the zone would give Raef and Scot a little protection.

"Oklahoma State's gonna win some games here and everywhere. They guard you, they make every basket you get very difficult for you, and as long as they do that and rebound the basketball, they're going to have a chance."

OSU coach Eddie Sutton - "You get behind a team like the Jayhawks, you're trying to climb a mountain that's pretty hard to do. I still contend that they're the best team in the country. If I had a vote, I'd put them #1.

"I don't know if I've ever had a team come out flatter than they were in the second half. And that's not taking anything away from Kansas. We didn't have that defensive aggressiveness we had in the first half."

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