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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 114, Marathon AAU 57
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Tonight we caught them on a good night. They played in Ames two nights ago, and Tennessee last night, so they were tired and with only eight players, and everything kind of snowballed on them. But I think we were a much better team tonight. Jacque Vaughn was Jacque Vaughn tonight, not that alien who was in his uniform last week, and we were much fresher than they were.

"I think we were much less nervous tonight. I talked to Jerod today, and I told him what I was expecting from him. Because I think that's a problem: new players don't know what is expected of them. So I wanted to make sure he knew, and I think the talk settled him down.

"Raef understands that if he wants to play, he's got to play good defense. He wants to play, he's worked at it, and he has made the decision to play hard at it.

"I don't think two (exhibition) games are enough for this team. In the past, with more veteran teams, one game has been enough, but not for this team."

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