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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 82, Colgate 68
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I thought it was a sweet win. I knew Colgate would be enthused. I knew we'd catch their best shot. The purpose is to win, and I thought it was one of those kinds of game I despise with everything to lose and nothing to gain, because everybody expects you to win. But I was pleased with our guys.

"Our rough start early was a little bit of the expectations that you're supposed to win. There's nothing that says you're supposed to win. All it is is a basketball game. We've all lost before, and we're all still alive and kicking. But I thought our guys were a little tight early, and then I think once they got through that stage we were all right. We still missed some shots, but I thought early we were just a little too tight.

"Billy Thomas has an ability to put the ball in the basket, and he did it again tonight. I was really shocked that he missed one late in the game from the far corner, because that's just the kind he always makes. But Billy did give us a big lift.

"Adonal Foyle is a fantastic young man and a great story. But what he did tonight was he got the ball low and just took it right at us. Greg and Scot and Raef tried to put a body on him, but his body was just as big as theirs.

"I told Tucker Neale he's the kind of kid who spent a lot of hours in the gym and has made himself into a heck of a player. When he got out of the crib at one or two years old, it wasn't that God said he was gonna be a basketball player. what it is is that he made himself a basketball player, and I appreciate kids like that.

"It was a heck of a win, and I'm happy for those kids. But they're not gonna stay and watch that second game (Michigan vs Western Kentucky), I'll promis you that."

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