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Coach Williams' Post-Game Comments
after Kansas 99, Colorado 77
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"We were very concerned about a letdown coming into tonight's game. I was very open with my team about that, and we talked about that. I told them Saturday wasn't going to do us any good tonight. It's a great feeling to have people talk about us and say nice things, but we still need to come out and play.

"We were not as sharp in the first half as we should have been. Colorado came out and trapped us, and we weren't ready for it. We should have been. We played a trapping team on Saturday and did very well. I got a bit fired up at halftime.

"I chewed on Raef LaFrentz more than anyone else at halftime. He needs to get more aggressive. He's been very tentative the last few weeks, but he played better in the second half. If he can play like that the rest of the year, he will be a big help to us.

"Billy Thomas got some key scoring for us in the second half. I didn't think that we shot really well, but we shot well enough to open the inside game. We just didn't take advantage of it. Colorado tried to make a perimeter game of it and did a better job of doing that than we did of making it an inside game. We need to go inside more.

This wasn't pretty, but I told my team at the start of the season that to have a great season you have to win games ugly sometimes."

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