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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 96, Fort Hays State 62
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"I think sometimes it looked really good. We had three- or four-minutes stretches where we were really good. And then we had three- or four-minutes stretches where there was a lot of stoppage, and we missed our free throws and had some stale deals. But I expected that. I thought we did pretty good. I thought we fouled too much, which we knew we would do. We didnít adjust to the officiating very well at all. Weíve got to improve that. Post defense was not very good. Rebounding was average at best, with the exception of Brandon. But we shared the ball and got up and down decent.

"Guys will get better. Weíve only been practicing three and a half weeks, and weíve got a lot of young guys out there, and we tried to play a lot of different combinations. Some were better than others, but all in all I thought it was pretty good.

"We got off to a good start. It was 12-0, but it felt like it could have been 18 or 20 because we had some unforced errors and took some marginal shots just because we were excited. But there were a lot of good things. Russell had 11 assists from the #2 guard spot. Thatís pretty good. Julian had eight and eight with a really slow start. Mario scored the ball pretty good. Weíve got to keep him from gambling. I thought Micah did some good things also. Everybody showed flashes of being a good player--thereís no doubt about that. We can build off of this. Iím not leaving here overly excited, but I am leaving here encouraged.

"Brandon has figured out that if he gets an offensive rebound, he gets to shoot it a lot of times. Heís figured out thatís a good way to score. This is not knocking past teams, but I donít know the last time we had our #3 man go out and get nine offensive rebounds in about 40 minutes. Micah got two and Brandon got seven. So those are extra possessions we havenít had in the couple of years that Iíve been here.

"We did a decent job on defense. I think when we say, ĎPressure, pressure, pressure,í youíve got to understand that when they get into the scoring area, weíve got to be solid. Thatís why C.J. was in foul trouble. We gambled and missed, and he had to try to cover for people. We canít afford to have him in foul trouble.

"We thought Darnell would play tonight, but thereís an eligibility issue that we thought was going to be worked out today. I canít really comment any further, but hopefully it will be worked out in the next couple of days so heíll be able to play in the Monday exhibition."

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