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Coach Self's postgame comments
after Kansas 80, Texas 68
courtesy of Jack Alden

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"Boy, did we play today! Texas played great the first 30 minutes. We got LaMarcus in a little bit of foul trouble, and that helped us. But to see where this team has come just in three weeks is amazing.

"I thought our bench was great tonight. I thought our starters played great, and Mario was tremendous from the outset, but Hawk came in and gave us a big lift. He was fabulous.

"I’ve experienced this one other time, but this is special today. Three freshmen and two sophomores, a bunch of young kids, go win the league."

Jeff Hawkins – "We started out real slow. We had a lot of critics saying we weren’t going to be good and before the season we were picked to finish sixth in the Big 12. But we end up getting a piece of the pie in the conference and winning the championship means a lot. We just knew if we did what we had to do in practice and got better each day, we’d be able to be in a situation like this, and we took advantage of it today.

"Yes, we’re the best team in the Big 12. No doubt.

"This was something we needed. The game against Oklahoma State when it was close, I mean we said we needed that, but they weren’t highly ranked like Texas. Coming into the Texas game we knew we had a shot, but we just needed to get over that hump and beat a good caliber team like them. I think now our spirits will be high, our confidence will be high, but coach always stresses that we haven’t accomplished anything yet. There’s still more to accomplish, so we’ll celebrate the rest of today, then tomorrow we’ll start getting ready for the tournament."

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